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James Liotta

James Liotta is an Australian Italian Award winning Actor as well as: Performer, Comedian, TV-Radio Presenter and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business, working constantly in all facets of the industry.

Over the years he has appeared on various TV shows such as: Underbelly Squizzy, Thank God You're Here, Neighbours, Utopia, Prank Patrol, Upper Middle Bogan, Quizmania, and Satisfaction just to name a few. However, he has recently landed the role of ‘Cousin Lino’ on the Australian hit TV comedy FAT PIZZA which has returned to 7Mate.

James is well known in the Italian Australian community for his Italo/Australian stand up comedy performances and shows which have seen him collaborate with some of the biggest names in the ethnic comedy circles. His reputation continues to grow in this field of entertainment each year.

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