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Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is one of Australia’s most original comedians and best known for his over 60 stand up comedy spots on national television shows like Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

On the live stage since 1981 he has performed all over Australia and in 7 other countries in front of audiences ranging from comedy club patrons to sophisticated corporate executives.

For many years most of Elliot’s work has been at corporate/business events and to date he has done over 1500 of these. He either does a comedy spot or acts as the MC at events like conferences, product launches, dinners and client parties. What’s more he’ll give very added value by including lots of special (but tasteful) material for each event. And as always you’ll get a component of classic Goblet one liners. Elliot has worked for nearly every one of the top 200 companies... and for a fair few of the bottom 200 as well.

In the last few years he has done an increasing number of weddings and birthday parties and with these events he also includes special material. In the case of weddings he’ll normally be the MC and apart from keeping the audience entertained through the formal bits of the reception, he’ll also include tasteful jokes about the bride & groom.

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