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Anthony - Magician

Previous engagements read like an impressive dinner party list – clients include Tim Burton, Al Gore; Tony Blair; David Beckham, Gene Simmons and many Australian Prime Ministers. Anthony also has even broken a Guinness World Record in 2004 and most recent 2016 for the world’s longest running magic show – a mind boggling 85 hours of non-stop magic!

A tennis fan, one of his performing highlights was performing his magic at the Australia open tennis player’s ball. A night he will never forget.

Anthony has also worked on Channel 9’s popular kids TV show - Kids WB for the last 9 years on TV as resident magician Magic Tony. He has also been featured in a TV commercial and is in demand as a Magic consultant for film and TV. Ever evolving and researching new effects, Anthony prides himself on his modern and relevant repertoire and is passionate about the magic art form, even opening his own magic school in Melbourne: The Magic School of Confidence.

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