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Vatos Locos

Be prepared for a uniquely vibrant and energetic performance that is the essence of Vatos Locos!

The combination of cool, modern sounds and the unique blend of both original and modern Latin rhythms are guaranteed to create the lively party atmosphere you seek.

The genuine versatility in sound and performance allows Vatos Locos to cater to the needs of a variety of events – from private gatherings to elite corporate functions and large community festivals. Let the pulsating percussion and passionate rhythms of Vatos Locos become part of your next event.

The Vatos Locos sound is ultimately derived from Latin music, but what makes this band unique is their ability to add a contemporary and modern vibe. The mix can include a wide range of pop and top 40 music, even jazz or laid back tunes, therefore catering to an extensive audience. The band also regularly performs a selection of favourite tunes that are deeply rooted in the rhythms of salsa, Afro-Cuban music, samba, funk, Rn’B and bossa nova. The absolute goal is to get everyone on the dance floor with music they can recognize and enjoy.

To witness a Vatos Locos performance is to be engrossed in the life of the party. The performance is interactive, sexy, passionate and powerful.

Germán Silva is lead vocalist – a talented and experienced singer, Germán has a natural stage presence, encouraging the audience to get their feet moving and hips swinging.

Vatos Locos musicians are equally talented and experienced, and have performed and toured nationally and internationally with the likes of Ricky Martin, Cyndi Lauper, Men at Work, Vanessa Amorosi, Rogue Traders, Katie Underwood, Disco Montego (and too many others to mention!). Professional dancers can also form part of the Vatos Locos performance.

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