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Classic Wedding Day Special Songs for Your Wedding Day

wedding songs

Classic Wedding Day Special Songs for Your Wedding Day

There are a few important songs you need to organise when planning your wedding. Whether or not you are having a band or a DJ, these songs mark important stages of your night.

Wedding Songs: Entrance Song

The first song of the night is an exciting time as it is the first time you and your partner will be presented as the married couple at your reception. This is the song that is used for your bridal party entrance. Either a fun, upbeat song is popular for the bridal party entrance or a love song that is special to the couple - the choice is yours!

Wedding Songs: Bridal Waltz

The Bridal Waltz is individual to every couple! It may be a new popular song or a song that no one has heard of before! Whatever you choose, it should be a song that is important to you and your partner. It may be a song that reminds you of when you met, or when you got engaged or a song that describes your relationship. In most cases, your band will be happy to try and learn this song for you to make it extra special. If you have a DJ or you are performing a choreographed dance you can also provide the original song to the band or DJ to play.

The completion of the Bridal Waltz often signifies the start of the party at the reception. It is common for the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom to join the couple in a dance at the completion of the Bridal Waltz and for the dance floor to then be 'open' for the wedding guests.

Wedding Songs: Father-Daughter Dance

Having a Father-Daughter dance is a touching way to honour your Dad, it is a tribute to the bond shared between the bride and her Father. There are many popular songs for the Father-Daughter dance and it is often a slow song that is fairly easy to move to. It is important to chat with your Dad when making a decision as he may have something special in mind too.

Wedding Songs: Last Song

The last song of the night is usually an upbeat goodbye song. This song can be used during the contemporary circle or for the couple to do one last dance before they wave and run off into the sunset.

Other formalities that you may want a special song for:

  • Bridal Party Dance

  • Cutting of The Cake

  • Throwing of the Garter

  • Throwing of the Bouquet

  • Mother-Son Dance

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Garold Rafa
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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
May 19

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