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DJ Jordan

In the vibrant city of Melbourne in 2020, while many turned to home baking and crafts, Jordan, with his curly locks and infectious energy, transformed his living space into the city's ultimate dance destination. Raised alongside three older sisters, Jordan mastered the art of reading a room and understanding the profound connection between music, mood, and memories. Drawing from an eclectic mix of 90s RnB, 00s Pop, House Anthems, and even nostalgic Disney ballads, Jordan's mission has always been clear: ensure every person feels the rhythm and is ready to groove.
From those early days of virtual gigs, Jordan rapidly established himself as a sought-after name in the events industry. From intimate weddings to the bustling bars of Melbourne and heating up the atmosphere at Fed Square and the MCG, one constant remains: Jordan will Bring
the Energy.
His unstoppable drive to dance and his happy-go-lucky yet confident demeanour makes
Jordan the life of any party. A meticulous planner, Jordan crafts his sets with an eye for detail, ensuring a seamless flow that captivates his audience, taking them on a memorable musical journey. With a talent that's both electrifying and heartfelt, booking Jordan means
guaranteeing a lively, unforgettable DJ experience for your event

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