DJ & Saxophonist Callum

With a lifetime of musical performance and experience, Callum has perfected the art of showmanship. His charisma and engaging nature, coupled with his considerable talent as a multi-instrumentalist, has positioned Callum as one of the leading entertainers in the Melbourne music scene. Callum holds a deep understanding and appreciation for all music genres, and uses the latest in live performance technology to incorporate both trumpet and saxophone into his high energy DJ shows.

With considerable experience in the wedding and commercial space, Callum certainly knows how to bring the party! With a Bachelor of Music under his belt, and over 20 years honing his artistic craft and entertaining audiences, Callum has found himself frequently flying around the country to perform for events.

Incorporating both trumpet and saxophone into his DJ show, Callum’s focus is to make everyone in the room smile. He plays to his strengths by choosing the right music at the right time, creating a vibrant party atmosphere to ensure the happiest of feet on the dance floor. If there’s a conga line happening on the dance floor, chances are it was Callum who ignited it