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DJ & Saxophonist Emily

Emily is a high-energy performer who loves getting people up on their feet for a boogie. She is a party enthusiast, specialising in weddings, corporate events, and everything in between. Being stripped of her potential K-Pop title at birth, Emily was adopted into an Aussie family full of musical talent. Steering her focus and dedication to the party infused dance floor, Emily’s sole purpose and promise is that all your guests will be smiling and having the best time.

With many years of performance experience as both a vocal artist and saxophonist, Emily incorporates a funky flair to any music set. Emily’s natural warmth and approachability ensures that all guests are comfortable and can freely be themselves on the dance floor.

Party starter / Sax:
Emily makes a throwback night feel fresh. Known as the ‘Party Pop Queen’ and ‘Disco Fiend’, she loves all music from ABBA, Sister Sledge, Daft Punk and Beyoncé. Her aim is to play songs everyone knows and can sing along to. She is sure you will be singing “We Are Family” after she performs at your special event. She’s also in the process of polishing her Sax skills to become one of our incredible DJ-Saxophonists.

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