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Neil Osborne

Neil can play just about anything on the Saxophone, and he adds to this keyboard and vocal skills.

His ability to entertain comes naturally, and he is always happy to play requests. Neil is available to play Solo Sax player for ceremonies, foyer music and functions. Neil is also available as a one-man-band on Keyboards/Sax and Vocals as well as working with other musicians which enables him to perform in duos, trios, and larger line-ups. Starting out in his Father's combo at the age of 13, Neil played Drums on a Friday night and Clarinet/Sax on a Saturday night. As well as this, Neil played Sax in the School swing band, which continued into his 20's, along with performing in his Dad's combo and many other bands.

Over the years Neil has made many feature TV appearances with his original band, and performed in countless bands and venues around Melbourne and Victoria. Neil also owned a recording studio where he wrote and produced various styles of music for local artists, as well as his own albums.

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