Scarlet Blazé

Scarlet Blazé

Performing has been a passion for Scarlet Blazé since she was a little girl. Scarlet Blazé was performing on stage at local and national events since the age of 6.

Scarlet Blazé has studied latin, Ballroom and street latin in addition to her Belly dancing. She has also developed love for Indian music so studied Bollywood, Jazz and Reggaton. Scarlet Blazé recently won the Bachata pro-am title in Melbourne.


Dance Styles

The styles of dance that Scarlet Blazé performs include:

Belly Dancing styles:

Belly Dancing

  • - African
  • - Egyptian
  • - Lebanese
  • - Classical
  • - Tribal
  • - Cabaret and Fusion with other styles including Spanish, Contemporary and Indian Fusion


  • - Veil
  • - Cane
  • - Isis Wings

Other styles of dancing:

  • - Bollywood (Indian)
  • - Burlesque
  • - RnB
  • - Reggaton
  • - Street Latin (Salsa solo, Chacha, Samba, Merengue - they can be danced solo)
  • - Bachata
  • - Ballroom (Tango, Jive, Rumba and Samba but they are partnered dance)
  • - and Free Style

Fire DancingScarlet Blazé also does fire eating and fire twirling combined with any style of dance or spinning with LED Poi.