Un-Limited A core principle of Un-Limited, the Top 40 Dance phenomenon, is to ensure every single show is at the forefront of the modern entertainment industry. We constantly scour the world for the latest trends and concepts in visual effects, fashion and sound.

Look no further than Un-Limited for superior entertainment at your next event. It’s not just live music anymore. It’s a show. And it’s not just about delivering innovative entertainment, but what the future of entertainment is.

Wedding Entertainment:

Un-Limited deliver all of the necessities to make your wedding a success - band, DJ, MC, musicians for your ceremony. Offering various packages all with exceptional quality and experience.

Corporate Entertainment:

A show that was built around the mould of 'Casino Entertainment'; Showgirl style dancers to glamorous costumes, a live DJ and a band that includes 4 vocalists, drums, 2 guitars, keyboards and percussion.

With true showmanship, chart topping dance hits and close attention to detail in modern production; this is one heart-stopping show you need to see.

Crowd Interaction:

Un-Limited Duo - Alyssa & Daniel Take Your Corporate Event Above & Beyond.

Live video streaming on our dual LCD screens, during the show. We have a live camera roaming the stage and also into the audience later in the night. A feature that always has a large portion of the audience wanting to get involved. After all, they’ll get to appear on the big screens!

It’s modern and engaging. Again, taking the plasma screens to the next level, we allow the crowd to text in at any part of the show and have the text message show up on the screens. If you'd like to give a shout-out to a friend for their birthday, or if you have a surprise announcement to make to your colleagues/guests, you can now text in your message and have it on show for everyone to see!

In addition, the crowd is also encouraged to sing along, sing on their own, and we may even have them join in on the bands choreography – on stage!


Song List

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